Um, a quiet anniversary?

Today was CS's 1-yr birthday. Funny no one noticed. Also funny that we have been planning stuff for CS's 1-yr birthday for the past few months, and yet we ended up not doing ANYTHING, even making an announcement...

Anyway, so uh... happy birthday CS. Thanks to all of our 1-yr members - it's actually quite amazing that a year after LT closed, so many of us are still in contact in our own forum.

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I went ahead and purchased the upgrade for the forums last night, and I just recieved an email that the order was done processing, and we can upgrade at any time. Once Megatog begins the installation, the forums will likely be offline for a while. Please keep checking back.

ALSO: this does not mean that we recieved enough donations to cover the cost. Enough people have put money in the mail, however, that I felt it was safe to go ahead and lay out the balence for the time being. If you were planning on donating, please do not let this stop you. As bad as it may sound, we need all the money we can get. Once the cost of the upgrade has been recouped, I'll make an announcement, but that will mean our account is empty, and I'd rather that not be the case. As we've seen, there's no telling when expenses will arise, and it is better to be prepared than to need emergency fundraisers.

To everyone who has sent a dontion, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those who have not, read below...

Hi everyone.

There's no easy way to put this, so I'm just going to throw it out there. In the past two weeks, our forums have been hacked on at least two separate occasions, using very simple exploits in IPB 1.3.

I recently had a lengthy AIM discussion with one of the hackers, who demonstrated the weakness and suggested remedies.

The first thing we need to do as soon as possible is upgrade our forum to IPB 2.1. There are several reasons we have held back from working towards an upgrade, but this securtiy issue outweighs them. The problem now is that the upgrade costs 185 dollars one-time, plus 30 per year for support, after the first year (meaning we need 185 now, and 30 after a year).

So basically, where we're at right now is needing close to 200 dollars as soon as possible. I can pay a percentage, but this is really the best opportunity for you, the members, to show your support for the site. Just in case that's not incentive enough, here are some more reasons:

- At any time, someone with the basic know-how (and it's very basic) could hack into an admin account and delete the entire forum. This would be bad for everyone.

- At any time, someone who's gained admin access could get mad at you and ban or even delete your account. This would be bad for you.

So we've established the negative things that can happen if we don't get enough money to upgrade. Don't think that these are just empty scenarios, because we have already had TWO separate people gain illegal control of admin accounts.

In addition, as a positive reinforcement for donating, the fact still stands that you will recieve 100 Credits for every dollar donated.

If you would like to donate, the easiest way is to send money through PayPal to Click the button below to be taken to a donation screen:


If you don't have access to PayPal, get in contact with me or EMPRERORPENGUIN via AIM, Chatzy, or some other method that does not go directly through CS.

Any and all donations will be appreciated, regardless of size, but it would be IDEAL if we could have 200 dollars by a week from today.

Thank you in advance,


EDIT: I just thought you might like to be kept up-to-date with how this "fundraiser" is going.

On top of the $36 that was already in the account, since yesterday we have received $70.00 through PayPal, and several members have told me they're sending cash through the mail. Keep up the good work, everyone!

EDIT 2: I've talked with Mega, and he feels that changing hosts is not neccessary. We still need to upgrade the forums, however, as that is still a HUGE security problem. We're more than half-way there, let's try to get it done this week, guys!

CS Dark Skin is Live

Hey all, after a lot of work, I think the CS Dark skin, which is based off of LT's skin, is ready to be made the default. You're probably seeing it right now.

If you prefer the Charcoal that was the temporary skin, you may still select that at the bottom of your screen.

Please note: there are still bugs with the Dark skin. We're aware of them. Hopefully by the end of the day everything will look right. Please don't feel the need to tell us about things that need to be changed - chances are we knew about them long ago, and either haven't gotten to them yet, or are still figuring out how to change them.

After it's complete, we'll be updating the skin over the next few weeks, to make it slicker-looking.


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